It's Soooo Hard to Find Good Help

My Diva Dream for L'il Sis
 I know that the "major" holiday season has come and gone and that's why its been over a month since my last entry.  But its not "moi's" fault.  I've asked Papi to type my entry (I'd do it myself - but no thumbs! - Ya know!)  but he's been busy too.  He had to get a new hot water heater (purchased  - he has a nice guy named Jose that does the plumbing for us) and a new (pedestal) sink for one bathroom.  But its all done now and things are finally starting to get back to normal a bit.
Papi's back to work, holiday time off and travel is done for him and Mummi.  The sis's (Shaddow & Ginger)  and I are back to protecting the homestead and our normal lounging about.  The problem lately is that its so wet!  It seems like its been raining steadily for a week and all those puddles are not good when you're built low to the ground like I am.  It's no problem for "stilts-for-legs" Ginger, plus she's so fast she dodges most raindrops.  Heavy Sigh!!  If she would ever gear her motor back a bit, I could teach her to be such a Diva. With her model's carriage, if I could install the "Diva-tude", everyone would be bowing and scraping in her presence.  Ah, well, One can only hope. Everyone have a great day!
Hugs, Kisses, and Belly Rubs for all!