A new Friend! (I hope)

Poppi! We're trying to Sleep here!
Hallllooooo my lovelies!   Time for another dish from the Diva.  I've FINALLY gotten Poppi to sit still long enough to take a little dictation from Moi!   In his defense though, he's been a really busy guy the last month or so, putting out fires at work and taking care of all the tasks he wants and/or needs to around the house.  (Sooooo - Love ya Poppi!)
Annnnyyy-hooooo, last night we were visited by a very nice young lady (Shout-Out to you, Kim - girl!) who will (it appears) be sitting the Sisters and I when Mummi and Poppi go visting friends out of town in a week or so.  Kim came in the afternoon and chatted with Mummi for a while. Then Poppi came in after work (& grocery shopping) and invited Kim to stay and eat supper with the fam (Mummi, Poppi, and the "girls"). She did and it turned into a marathon chat fest (until late in the evening).  Mummi (Gawd Luv 'er!), just can't help herself sometimes.  I'm sure Kimmie knows more than she ever needed (or wanted ) to know about Mummi, Poppi, et. al.  Now, the smile never left Kim's face, but I not sure if she was actually entertained or approaching desperation at the need to escape, and was afraid to drop it.  In all fairness, Poppi did add a few bits here and there to the conversation - but I think that was just so Mummi could catch her breath.  (Heh! - I'm kidding, well some anyway.) :-)
Bottom line, Kim is a very nice lady, and even little sis, who is normally very skittish around new folks, warmed up to her.  So I think we will be just fine while the folks are travelling.
Hugs, Kisses, and Belly Rubs for all!