DC in da House! ! ! ! ! !

Halloooo All!  Back again with a dish from the Diva.  Mummi's been all a-twitter with anticipation as she will have custody of her step-granddaughter for a few hours this afternoon.  The friend that usually watches DC for her mommy has to get a little work done on her vehicle, so Mummi volunteered to take care of the pup - um, baby! When she got here Mummi was talking silly gibberish at DC and she was cooing gibberish back, but then you expect babies to do that. Who really surprised moi was little sis and Libby (who recently confided in me that in a past life she was a human hippie chick in a commune. Her name was Ocean Breeze and she was in charge of the nursery and watched all the kids while the parents worked.)   I can (almost) believe it.  She was so calm around this child.  She even got in Poppi's lap and laid down as he rocked the baby.  From what Poppi has told me about what he knows about hippies and communes, I can see it.  Libby is so calm, so mellow, really laid back and gets along with nearly everyone.  Now, Chiquita, she was going the other way.  She was sooooo jealous of DC in Poppi's lap that the the green in her eyes were twin laser beams burning holes through the miles of pine forest around.  DC's gone home now and all is quiet,  Chiquita, Libby, and Moi all all catching a bit of beauty sleep now.
Hugs, Kisses, and Belly Rubs for all!

The D-I-V-A Has Returned!

Cue Dramatic Music! (Dum-Dum-DUMMMMMMM!)
Poppi and "da gurls" (from top: Libby,
Diva-licious, & Chiquita
After ten plus months I have FINALLY convinced Poppi that my public is missing their Diva.  As is the case in the passing of nearly a year, there have been MAJOR changes in the household - some nice, some not-so-much, and a couple near heart-breaking.
Since I try to keep the tone of my entries light, I will touch on the two devastating events. (1) Mummi's mommy passed away in December, 2014.  For more, read Mummi's blog.  (2) Big Sis, Shaddow, had a stroke in January, 2015, and had to be relieved of all pain.  You can read more in Poppi's blog.
SO, on to more pleasant thoughts.  With Big Sis gone, there was a bit of a void, not only fore me and L'il Sis (Chiquita sez HEY!) but for Mummi and Poppi as well.  So in March, 2015, Mummi adopted Libby, a 5 year old Bichon Frise.  She was rescued from a puppy mill where she was basically a breeding slave and was abused.  She was very scared, shy, quiet, and reclusive when she first got here, but 6 months with us has helped her to blossom.  She loves to play and explore.  She loves Mummi and Poppi.  Heck, she's even started hogging in on my fave - She loves the belly rub.  Now, even though, technically she's older than I am, (I'll turn 5 next month - shhh, keep it secret), I'm the Big Sis in the house now.  Literally.  Libby looks bigger (all that hair) but at 12 pounds only outweighs L'il Sis by 2 pounds!  And Chiquita is a chihuahua.  As Poppi likes to say, GO FIGGER!
Now around the time Libby got here, Poppi retired from Mississippi State University.  He's been staying busy, but he really want's to find a part time job.  He says, just to have a little "mad money".  (I don't know what he's mad about though.  After all, he lives in a house full of young females!  Hee-hee!) 
Anyway!  Poppi has assured me that he will write my pondering for me a minimum of two or three times a month from now on.  I believe him.  Cause if I've heard Poppi say it once, I've heard him say a hundred times, "If you tell the truth, you don't have to worry about keeping your story straight."
Til next time, Hugs, Kisses, and Belly Rubs for ALL!