Trauma! - Hold the Drama!

Hello my dahlings!  Welcome to another dish from THE DIVA!  The past week was a bit traumatic for my household - but things are getting back to normal. 
On Tuesday past L'il Sis left with Mummi in the morning and was gone all day. Mummi came back by herself and I was a bit concerned.   Well, later in the day Mummi came back with this strange looking little creature under her arm.  I went into "home-protection"  mode.  The hackles on my neck came up, and I crouched and growled.  The scent was slightly familiar but with a medicinal tinge.  Then Mummi took off this "cone" and I could see it was CoCo. She was wobbly and groggy and just wanted to sleep.  Turns out she had had the "lady dog" surgery and had a hernia fixed at the same time.   (Pic taken Tuesday evening & is Poppi and Coco-with blue bandage)  That's been nearly a week ago now and she pretty much back to her normal self and zippin' around.She still has some staples in her tummy, but they should be removed later this week.
Big Sis was bummed this week cause Mummi's mom  - who lives a short bit down the road  - was gone most of the past week.  So she didn't have any company at her home away from home.
Been getting cooler here, with some lows hitting the 30's - so it makes it a nice time to be be wearing fur.  But then - I wear fur ALL the time.
Til next time - everyone be safe.  I'm gonna go and play tug of war with L'il Sis.  She loves it and tries hard, but if I just snap my head she goes flying across the room  It's hard for me to believe that I was once (almost) that small.
Hugs, kisses, and belly rubs for all!


Another Dish from Moi - THE Diva

Yesterday was quite nice.  The weather was pleasant and my humans had a few visitors that came and left me a few bellyrubs, but mostly to eye-ball our latest addition - little CoCo.
CoCo is 13 weeks old today - so if she was human she'd be somewhere in the "Terrible Twos"!  I must say that she is keeping Mummi and Papi on their toes (which has given me some chuckles) with her "presents" and chewing EVERYTHING (even me!). (DON'T! - That's not funny!)  She is small and very cute (very much like I was - ahem - and AM!)  She weights 3 pounds at the moment.  But I digress - Papi's former boss (now retired) came by with his missus for a short visit and Miss Christi (who stays with Big Sis and I - and I guess now Little Sis when Mummi & Papi go out of town) came by for her first glimpse of CoCo.  She loves CoCo and, of course, Moi!  Sometimes I have to remind her though, by rolling on my back, that its time for a bellyrub.  Unfortunately, this also has the effect of putting me down where "mini-fang" can bite my ears and nose.  Hopefully she will grow out of this and be potty-trained by the time she hits the 6 month mark (January 20th).  The pic is of CoCo and I in Papi's recliner.  Enjoy!
Hugs, Kisses, and Bellyrubs for all!

I'm So EXCITED..................

I just can't hide it!  (Ugh! Ugh! Shimmy, shimmy, wag,wag!) Whew!  The Pointer Sisters perform it almost as well as moi!  But this has been a big week for me.
Yesterday was my birthday.  Mommi and Papi say I'm two, but hey, we all know about doggie years.  (Multiply by 7).  I'm a Teenager!  I know it ALL!  Just ask me!   I'm really looking forward to this time next year.  I'll  be 21 and fully expect a steak along with a nice Merlot or maybe a port to sip along with it.
Now, even though we all know I enjoy talking about me - that's not the big news of the week. As of the day before my birthday, I have a little sister.  She's so cute!  She could be me - but with longer hair.  And a shorter body.  Okay - she couldn't be me - but she is cute, and she's now my sister.  I've been going out with her and trying to show her the ropes.  Best spots to use and such.  She's learning - but is still young.
For the longest time, Mommi and Papi were calling her "Baby girl" or "Dit" for Diva-In-Training, but they finally decided that her name is "CoCo".  The reasoning is that she is mostly a light brown color (with dashes of black, tan and a little white). 
I overheard that her mama is a Spaniel mix and her daddy is a yorkie and they expect her to be 10 to 15 pounds when all grown.  So - I am - and always will be - the big sister.  I'll put some pictures up here of us once I can get Papi busy on it.
Hugs, Kisses and belly rubs for all!