Noah Called - Be bye in 10 Minutes...........

Hellloooo! The Diva returns.  You may stand once fealty has been shown.
There has been a lot of "ooky" weather here and being rather "vertically challenged", my undercarriage has a tendency to get damp. But let me tell you about this past Friday! 
Poppi was running a little later than normal (I found out later he was buying groceries for his mum.) and I was a tad concerned since it was raining hard!  Well, I heard Poppi drive up and a minute later he was at the door.  Obviously I was excited - I hadn't seen him all day.  So once the door opened I was leaping up against his leg excitedly "Poppi, Poppi, I missed youuuuu.....eeewwwww!" This odor assailed my sensitive nose and I RAN away.  I mean, honestly, Do you know how bad "wet human" smells?
Anyway, after he unloaded our things he went and took a hot shower and put on fresh clothes.  He smelled so much better - so I let him share his lap with me.  He was talking with mummi and said it was raining (as his Poppi used to say) like "a horse pi**ing on a flat rock".  Siggghhh!  I know - kind of "rednecky", but I have to love him - after all he's my "grand-poppi".
Til next time - Hugs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all!