A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Hello to all y'all waiting on the Little Diva, but I've made her take a back seat for now so that I can bring a bit of reason and clarity to this little corner of insanity.  My name is Shaddow (with 2 d's).  Most of you may know me by the nom-de-plume little Sophie uses: Big S'is.  Now, looking at the picture it is obvious we are not sisters, but we are all 3 adopted (along with Ginger) and share the same domicile.
I would like to stress that I am not old.  I am mature.  Like a fine wine I get better with age.  I will admit to slowing down a bit, after all I will be 12 in August but who doesn't.
Now, for the most part I get along with the younguns and even allow them to share my bed (as you can see).  But there are times.... When they will get rambunctious - racing, and wrasslin', gnashing teeth and growling - til I get tired of it.  Then I do one of two things, depending on what it's like outside.  If its fairly nice I ask to go out and will lay in the sun and just get away for a bit.    If its nasty out (or I just feel like laying about) I will raise my voice and growl.  This usually brings the two little hellions to a quick stop.  I do it so infrequently, that it definitely gets their attention.  Besides, its one of the perks of being the BIG DOG.
For the most part, I enjoy the youngsters and they are mindful of giving me my space.  So I would consider them good girls, and it will even get better as Ginger matures and (hopefully) slows down a bit.
I will return this blog to Sophie for the next entry.  Maybe I'll hijack it again in the future.  It was kind of fun.


Duck Season! Wabbit Season! Squirrel Season??!

Hulloooo my Dahlings!  The last couple of weeks have not been too eventful.  Mommi and Papi had a couple of friends over on Sunday evening to watch some event on TV.  I wouldn't have paid too much attention but there were so many goodies out and about that Big Sis, Little Sis and I were on heightened alert for spillage.  For a "Super Bowl" Sunday - my bowl wasn't very super! sigggghhh!
Now there are a few Southern Pecan trees around our yard and after L'il Sis and I go out for our constitutional we like to look around and partake of one or nuts.  Sometimes we'll even grab one or two and take inside to snack on.  Which usually leads to a little lecture about the mess the shell makes.  Oh well, wotcha gonna go?
 What's disturbing is Papi has taken to telling anyone that will listen, that L'il Sis and I must be part squirrel.  Really!  OH REALLY!  Talk about squirrelly!  Have you met the man?  Here it is - only into the first week of February - and everytime we go out the man is already planning his yard work (pruning, trimming, grass cutting) schedule - while wearing his heavy coat and a wool cap to keep his head warm.  (Somebody toss him a peanut.)
sigggghhh!  Papi's a good guy and means well, but if Mommi didn't remind him occasionally to just relax and take it easy, he'd work on stuff (and not just for himself) until he physically couldn't work.  He's been better about it since I've been here, but I've heard stories about how he'd work non-stop all day before he had his accident (in 2010).  I keep an eye on him when Mommi's not here and I will say that last year he made a concerted effort to pace himself, take plenty of breaks, and keep hydrated.  Good Job Poppi!
That's about all for now.
Hugs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all!