Boom! BooM! BOOM BOOM!

Make it STOP!
Hello All,
Welcome back from another dish from the Diva!  This past weekend Poppi tried to get out and mow the yard(s).  He knew that the ground was mostly a bit squishy and in some areas, downright swamp. (Take it from a girl with a low-slung chassis!)  But the grass and weeds was getting close to (Poppi's) waist high in places and, in his words, "He wanted to knock it back a bit."  He did so, only after promising Mummi that he would avoid the quagmires, and if he got stuck, he would quit. He would not hurt himself. 
I'm happy to say he kept his word.  Mostly.  He did get stuck once, but it was near the very end and in our own ( of the 3 yards he cuts) yard.  I'm glad he did it too.  Much easier to take care of one's needs in a level yard.  Little Sis & I were in the house as he cut, but big Sis was having nothing of it.  When the mower started, she asked to be let out and headed up to Miss Sharon's to avoid the noise and any projectiles.  She doesn't like the mower.
Now, Little Sis doesn't like the "thunder-boomers".  We had stormy weather yesterday with lots of thunder.  The poor little thing was shaking like a leaf and always running to hide.  She preferred getting under the covers on Mummi's and Poppi's bed, but if the door was closed she would run under Mummi's computer desk.  Thunder went on most of the day and she would just shiver and cower and would not eat! (Can you imagine! Not wanting to eat!)
The bad news is, there are more expected tonight and tomorrow.  Chiquita's gonna have a rough time.  Hope she eats while the weather is quiet.  I'll do my best to console her.
Hugs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for All!