Guest Commentary by Chiquita

Hello all.  I am trying to get Poppi back on posting my entries on a regular basis - but it is a J -O - B!  That said, in order to shut her up, in reponse to many requests - back again is my little sis - Chiquita - as guest commentator.  Hugs, Kisses, and Belly rubs for all!  Chiquita - its all yours....................

Heee heee hee hehe! Hi to all of Big Sis's followers.  I just wanted to share a few words and a few pictures I like. 

You're laughing, but I'm serious.  Potent bombs come in small packages!

The other day Poppi, Sophie, and I went on a short drive (next house down).  Poppi parked and when he opened the door Sophie jumped out, started barking and ran toward the back, so I did likewise - running and barking. (I looooove to run.) Well, big sis stopped short and I kept on for a short way - running and barking fiercely.  I realized I was chasing this BIG, vicious animal  (well - big anyway) and stopped. (Sigh! I have to admit that when I realized what I was doing - I piddled.  Don't laugh. I couldn't help it.)  At that point I realized that Poppi was watching us and laughing out loud.  He hurried through what he was doing and rushed home to tell Mummi.  And she LAUGHED TOO!  I was doing my watch dog duty and getting laughed at.  I was mollified later when Poppi was holding me, apologized, and called me his "brave little deerstalker".  I like the sound of that.
And remember, People with pets live longer!  Its True!  Look it up!