A thought for the day

Hello me Babeez! Back for another dish from THE D!  Well, as they say here in the south, "Pull up a chair and sit a spell"!
I don't know about you, but my two humans can be some right "clingy" folks.  Seems like every time I get comfortable, they are all over me. Giving me a hug or a kiss  - or "making" me roll over for a belly rub. Oh well!  Wotcha gonna do?  I do Loooove my treats at the end of the day.
Now I thought I'd throw out this little gem as my "Thought for the Day".  It's by that very prolific author  A. Nonymous: "  The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of  his tongue."  So true, so true!
Now my "sister from another mother", Shaddow - is a good sized lady - at least compared to little ole me.  She has some lab in her ancestry and is about 65-70 pounds, but she is a sweetie.  Sometimes we go out together and play in the yard.  Well, when she starts getiing warm, she usually walks 300 yards or so back to the ponds and walks right into the water for a dip.  Looking back at me with a "Well - c'mon in.  Water's fine."  look.Where the water comes up to chest, the Diva would be drowning.  "I. DON'T. THINK. SO!"  I'm much too cute to get wet and mud-yucky!  'Sides - I prefer a good roll in the hay..... errr... Hold On! Get your mind out of the gutter.  What I mean is that after my human has cut the grass and it is just beginning to dry, I like to roll in it and get that fresh, green scent on my fur. Honestly -you PEOPLE!
Everyone have a great week!  Hugs, Kisses and Belly rubs for all!


The Things I Put Up With

Hello my lovelies.  If you're reading this, you're obviously back for another dish from THE Diva!  As promised  (finally) children and rural  life.   To paraphrase some goober movie that jw was watching, "Children are like a box of chocolate" - never quite sure what you are going to get.  Young children (toddlers to pre-teen) are a lot alike in many ways.  If you are familiar with the parents you can make  some inferences about the children.  A lot of their reactions are learned from the parents, but this is not always true.  When they are younger - toddling around - keep your eyes open.  Before you know it, one will plop down and grab an ear in each hand - and guess who gets yelled at if you protect yourself?  Uh Huh!  Now - I will admit that they are fun to play with (especially "chase" and "fetch"), but they never seem to run down.  So, I have a couple of protective moves I use, separately and in unison,  to stay out of reach and out of trouble.  (1) Hop in a chair and hide behind a pillow - If you're still you can sometimes avoid them, but keep your eyes open.  (2) Run! 4 legs (Duhhh!) Twice as many as they have.  Get out of their line of sight and use with number 1.  My personal experience with young humans has been mostly positive, but it never hurts to be, as our friends in the world's largest Coast Guard say "Semper Paratus" (or "Always Ready").
Rural living - or a home in the country - Well! Where else would a diva live.  Not much traffic, room to wander, private pool where my big sis and I can take a swim if we feel like it.  And all at my beck and call!  My human's are so well trained.  Just stop by some time and you can observe for yourself.  But I always make sure I don't overindulge.  No need to upset the help you know.  *Yawn*
Oooh. Excuse me. must be time for my nap.  Til next time my darlings!
HUGs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all - from THE DOGGIE DIVA!

Sneaky Dad - Absentee Parent!

Hello All!  Moi has returned to shed a little light on your dark, dire lives.  In my first entry I gave you my birthday, but I did not tell you that my mother was a PUREBRED Chihuahua (doesn't that just roll trippingly from the tongue - Chi - hua - hua!).  I can hear you now looking at my picture and going "Yeah. Right!".  But its true and this sad tale I now share with you.  (As she shared it with my litter-mates and I before we all adopted our own humans and departed her.)  She was at home one early autumn evening languishing in her yard when scrambling through a depression under the fence was this short, dark stranger with smoldering eyes and a confident swagger.  His confident manner and sultry voice made her all kinds of promises for the future. But when she awoke later in the evening - all she had to remember him by was a belly full of lies and pups.  She has never seen him again.  Her humans were either uncapable or unwilling to deal with her and us pups but were compassionate enough to drop her with the humane society.  They told the folks there about mom but said they had no idea who the father is.  Well, once we were out and breathing on our own it was quite obvious that Daddy-Dear was a Dachsund.  All my six of my siblings looked like me.  We were quite happy with mom, but once the adoptions started and they asked what kind of dog we were, they said we were - Chi-WEENIES!  It's not fair! Just 'cause of a father I've never known I'm stuck with a label that includes "weenie".  But, in spite of that - to quote a song I heard once - "I will survive."  Not only will I survive, but I will thrive!  My humans spoil me, as well they should!  They are so cute in their efforts to keep me happy!  Ah well, does a Diva deserve any less?
Thats all for now - the reflections on kids and rural life I promised last time will be addressed in my next entry.  I PROMISE.  HUGs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all - from THE DOGGIE DIVA!


Setting the Record Straight

Hello! First a bit about myself.  My name is Sophie and I was born in October 2011.  So in dog years I'm about 13, almost 14,  and as a teenager - "Yes, I am very smart!" Just ask me! 
A couple of my likes are basted doggie chews (hmmmmm! tasty!) and belly rubs - with a nice nap close to my top two.  A couple of my dislikes - thunder (can't stand it - no how, no way) and big trucks running on the rumble strips on the highway that runs outside my house.  YES! - My House.  But I do have a couple of human companions that I allow to live there and take care of me and my big (adopted) sister - after all, have to have someone to give me belly rubs - my legs are too short to do it myself.  I've started this blog since both my humans have one and want to balance with my views.  I'm dictating everything to JWW for publication upon my final approval (he's fairly smart for a human.)

This is a pic of me and my big sis, Shaddow:
Shaddow is getting to be a bit of an elderly lady.  Her birthday is coming up on August 11th, and on the canine count, she will be 77 (on the human calendar my companions use - she was born in 2001).  She can still be spry sometimes and will play with me,  but this hot Mississippi weather does make her tired.  You see her bed that we're laying on above.  She did tell me (confidentially) that she was really glad that JWW built if for her and got rid of the love seat she was using before.  Its much easier for her just to step on to this than it was for her to jump up on the love seat.  A lot of the time she would just give  up and  lay on the floor rather than try and jump on her old legs.  Humans can be frustrating at times, but ours do seem to want to try and treat us well.  Anyway, I'm gonna cut this off for now.  Next time, I'll give some of my views/reflections on kids (human-type) and rural wildlife.  HUGs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all - from THE DOGGIE DIVA!