Setting the Record Straight

Hello! First a bit about myself.  My name is Sophie and I was born in October 2011.  So in dog years I'm about 13, almost 14,  and as a teenager - "Yes, I am very smart!" Just ask me! 
A couple of my likes are basted doggie chews (hmmmmm! tasty!) and belly rubs - with a nice nap close to my top two.  A couple of my dislikes - thunder (can't stand it - no how, no way) and big trucks running on the rumble strips on the highway that runs outside my house.  YES! - My House.  But I do have a couple of human companions that I allow to live there and take care of me and my big (adopted) sister - after all, have to have someone to give me belly rubs - my legs are too short to do it myself.  I've started this blog since both my humans have one and want to balance with my views.  I'm dictating everything to JWW for publication upon my final approval (he's fairly smart for a human.)

This is a pic of me and my big sis, Shaddow:
Shaddow is getting to be a bit of an elderly lady.  Her birthday is coming up on August 11th, and on the canine count, she will be 77 (on the human calendar my companions use - she was born in 2001).  She can still be spry sometimes and will play with me,  but this hot Mississippi weather does make her tired.  You see her bed that we're laying on above.  She did tell me (confidentially) that she was really glad that JWW built if for her and got rid of the love seat she was using before.  Its much easier for her just to step on to this than it was for her to jump up on the love seat.  A lot of the time she would just give  up and  lay on the floor rather than try and jump on her old legs.  Humans can be frustrating at times, but ours do seem to want to try and treat us well.  Anyway, I'm gonna cut this off for now.  Next time, I'll give some of my views/reflections on kids (human-type) and rural wildlife.  HUGs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all - from THE DOGGIE DIVA!

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