Thanksgiving Wish

Now, when my pregnant mother (a full blooded Chihuahua) was dropped off at the humane society, they said they had no idea what my father was.  I think maybe he was a sailor.  I've heard about sailors, ya know? :-)
As it is about Thanksgiving (Yum! Yum!), my family (human and my sisters) give me lots to be thankful for.  I've heard folks say, "Just be thankful for what ya have - it could be lost before you know it."  I take that to heart.  I sometimes see skinny doggies slinking along the highway when I ride somewhere with Poppi (and maybe L'il sis).  I might shudder and kinda snuggle down beside sis in Poppi's lap - happy to be where I am.  No one can save everyone, but I hear Mummi and Poppi say sometimes how happy they are with our human/canine household and it makes me happy.  We are a good family.  I hope yours is at least as happy.  Happy Thanksgiving to all!