Party All the time! Party All the time!

Hallloooo my Dah-lings! Hope all is well in your little corner of the world. 
Well, this past week the sis's and I had some fun, but may have crossed the line a tad. (Poppi wasn't mad - but he did seem a bit disappointed - at least until he started laughing.)  So, here's the scoop -
Poppi had gotten free tickets to a couple of concerts and free hotel stay for a few nights out of town (he called them "comps").  So - he, Mummi, and Ms. King (Hiiiii Kimmieeeee!), packed to go out for a few days.  A little bit after they left, us girls started chatting - and as Chiquita would say, "We were, like,  soooo bored". 
Our needs (food, water, and clean bathroom pad) had been provided for and we had a few toys and bones, but I mean, after a "hard" nap - what was there to do?
After a few trial and error button pushes, I was able to turn the DirecTv box and the TV on.  Then I was able to get the guide up, scroll down to the music channels, and get some tunes going.
 'Quita went, "WoooHooo!  Lets get this party started", and proceeded to bring out all sorts of little snacky things she had stashed.
So after binging on snacks (and leaving crumbs everywhere),  she and I decided it was time to dance.  But to have a dance party, you really need confetti.  So we unrolled a bunch of T.P. and shredded it up so it would poof and float around as we danced.  We cranked up the tunes and was cutting a hot rug (as big sis just kind of rolled her eyes at us - she's an older lady you know).  'Quita was bobbing her head to "What is Love?" , popped her left paw up to her ear, and really getting into the sprinkler dance, when Poppi came in the door, (We had the music loud, so we didn't hear him drive up.)
He swung around looking at us (and the mess) and tried to put his mad face on.  But once he saw L'il Sis "sprinkling" like mad, he cracked up laughing and I knew we were okay. 
Chiquita stopped when he laughed, looking embarrassed, and all Poppi's urging couldn't get her to dance anymore.  So Poppi turned the music down, and took the time to clean up the mess, as we got up in the chair to be out of the way.
Later, as Poppi was watching TV and we were sitting with him, he kind of snickered, and said, "You girls really are party animals". 
Sigggghhhhh! It may take a while for Chiquita and I to live this one down.  But that's okay, we really had fun.
Hugs, kisses, and belly rubs for all!