Little Sis is One - & Good Eats!

Hello my dahlings!  Hope Big Sis's rant in the last entry didn't put you off any.  I know its been nearly a month since the last post but Poppi's been busy with work  and home projects and I didn't want to stress him by asking "Where's my blog?"
We've been getting quite a bit of rain here, and you would think that with my being lower to the ground that I would be getting messier than the other girls. But you would be wrong mi amigo!  Now Big Sis is so big that only her fet get wet, but Gin-Gin, even with long legs gets terribly muddy.  Its because she only had two speeds - stop and full.  When outside, she doesn't run - she rockets.  I guess the wake she thows up is what gets her so messy.  Momi and Poppi keep a towel by the door to wipe us down when we come in.  I must say that Ginger (my Gin-Gin's full name) is learning.  She used to run from the towel, but now stops and waits to be cleaned up.  And Sunday (March 17th) Momi and Poppi say Gin-Gin will celebrate birthday #1.  You go Girl!  At one year old and 14 pounds, she's about as tall and heavy as she will get.  I hate her - no, not really.  She can't be blamed for her ancestory.
Last night Big Sis had found a deer knee joint (about 8 inches long - with the bones above and below the knee where it bent).  She brought it up to the house and the aroma was divine!   All 3 of us would grab it and chew for a while (outside).  Mmmmm! Delish!  Well, when Momi called us in, Gin-Gin tried to bring it in too.  But Momi was having none of it and Big Sis even got in the act, standing in the door and growling at her until she dropped it and came in.  When Poppi got home a little later, she tried again, but hes was having none of it either and threw it in the yard.  He later let Big Sis out (by herself) and she chewed it up.  I guess that was only fair - since she found it.
Ah well - guess I'll go get a bit of kibble (heh!)  kibble - bit - get it? Well, Pooh on you then!
Hugs, kisses and belly rubs for all!