Entertaining Guests

I'm Top Diva! Don't mess with my stuff!
 OMG! OMG!  Run! Run! Bark! Bark!  Weeeee have company!
Last night Papi's son (in the Coast Guard - whatever that is - but Papi think's its a big deal - sooo- I LOVE IT!)  and his wife came in with their owners - Tonka and Whiskey.  Now these 2 are around Big Sis's size.  Tonka is a yellow Lab and Whiskey is a chocolate Lab.  They are a bit older than Moi - but still young enough to be excited, run around, and want to play.  Unfortunately they kowtow to Papi's son and spouse - I mean OMG!  What the heck is "Stay"!  I mean, I've heard it - but what is it?  And little sis is excited too!  Ginger and I had to wrestle and work out a lot of nervous energy before we settled down for the night.  But today is a new day - and we'll have to see what happens.  I need to run and reinforce my position as head Diva in this household.
Hugs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all!