Entertaining Guests

I'm Top Diva! Don't mess with my stuff!
 OMG! OMG!  Run! Run! Bark! Bark!  Weeeee have company!
Last night Papi's son (in the Coast Guard - whatever that is - but Papi think's its a big deal - sooo- I LOVE IT!)  and his wife came in with their owners - Tonka and Whiskey.  Now these 2 are around Big Sis's size.  Tonka is a yellow Lab and Whiskey is a chocolate Lab.  They are a bit older than Moi - but still young enough to be excited, run around, and want to play.  Unfortunately they kowtow to Papi's son and spouse - I mean OMG!  What the heck is "Stay"!  I mean, I've heard it - but what is it?  And little sis is excited too!  Ginger and I had to wrestle and work out a lot of nervous energy before we settled down for the night.  But today is a new day - and we'll have to see what happens.  I need to run and reinforce my position as head Diva in this household.
Hugs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all! 

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  1. ya missed the thirty minutes of vicious barking and multiple trips to and fro the bedroom after you left that ginger and sophie led. it was like the charge, recharge, and charge again of bed~bunker's hill, with me as the mound! love ya, grins, debra


Belly~Rubs! My favorite! Oh, oh! TreeeeeatZ!! My Favorite!! Sweet Words!! My Favorite! Nappage!! My Favorite!!