Sneaky Dad - Absentee Parent!

Hello All!  Moi has returned to shed a little light on your dark, dire lives.  In my first entry I gave you my birthday, but I did not tell you that my mother was a PUREBRED Chihuahua (doesn't that just roll trippingly from the tongue - Chi - hua - hua!).  I can hear you now looking at my picture and going "Yeah. Right!".  But its true and this sad tale I now share with you.  (As she shared it with my litter-mates and I before we all adopted our own humans and departed her.)  She was at home one early autumn evening languishing in her yard when scrambling through a depression under the fence was this short, dark stranger with smoldering eyes and a confident swagger.  His confident manner and sultry voice made her all kinds of promises for the future. But when she awoke later in the evening - all she had to remember him by was a belly full of lies and pups.  She has never seen him again.  Her humans were either uncapable or unwilling to deal with her and us pups but were compassionate enough to drop her with the humane society.  They told the folks there about mom but said they had no idea who the father is.  Well, once we were out and breathing on our own it was quite obvious that Daddy-Dear was a Dachsund.  All my six of my siblings looked like me.  We were quite happy with mom, but once the adoptions started and they asked what kind of dog we were, they said we were - Chi-WEENIES!  It's not fair! Just 'cause of a father I've never known I'm stuck with a label that includes "weenie".  But, in spite of that - to quote a song I heard once - "I will survive."  Not only will I survive, but I will thrive!  My humans spoil me, as well they should!  They are so cute in their efforts to keep me happy!  Ah well, does a Diva deserve any less?
Thats all for now - the reflections on kids and rural life I promised last time will be addressed in my next entry.  I PROMISE.  HUGs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all - from THE DOGGIE DIVA!

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  1. we're not worthy, we're not worthy...
    loves ya lots,
    the womanly human


Belly~Rubs! My favorite! Oh, oh! TreeeeeatZ!! My Favorite!! Sweet Words!! My Favorite! Nappage!! My Favorite!!