The Things I Put Up With

Hello my lovelies.  If you're reading this, you're obviously back for another dish from THE Diva!  As promised  (finally) children and rural  life.   To paraphrase some goober movie that jw was watching, "Children are like a box of chocolate" - never quite sure what you are going to get.  Young children (toddlers to pre-teen) are a lot alike in many ways.  If you are familiar with the parents you can make  some inferences about the children.  A lot of their reactions are learned from the parents, but this is not always true.  When they are younger - toddling around - keep your eyes open.  Before you know it, one will plop down and grab an ear in each hand - and guess who gets yelled at if you protect yourself?  Uh Huh!  Now - I will admit that they are fun to play with (especially "chase" and "fetch"), but they never seem to run down.  So, I have a couple of protective moves I use, separately and in unison,  to stay out of reach and out of trouble.  (1) Hop in a chair and hide behind a pillow - If you're still you can sometimes avoid them, but keep your eyes open.  (2) Run! 4 legs (Duhhh!) Twice as many as they have.  Get out of their line of sight and use with number 1.  My personal experience with young humans has been mostly positive, but it never hurts to be, as our friends in the world's largest Coast Guard say "Semper Paratus" (or "Always Ready").
Rural living - or a home in the country - Well! Where else would a diva live.  Not much traffic, room to wander, private pool where my big sis and I can take a swim if we feel like it.  And all at my beck and call!  My human's are so well trained.  Just stop by some time and you can observe for yourself.  But I always make sure I don't overindulge.  No need to upset the help you know.  *Yawn*
Oooh. Excuse me. must be time for my nap.  Til next time my darlings!
HUGs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for all - from THE DOGGIE DIVA!

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