A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

Hello to all y'all waiting on the Little Diva, but I've made her take a back seat for now so that I can bring a bit of reason and clarity to this little corner of insanity.  My name is Shaddow (with 2 d's).  Most of you may know me by the nom-de-plume little Sophie uses: Big S'is.  Now, looking at the picture it is obvious we are not sisters, but we are all 3 adopted (along with Ginger) and share the same domicile.
I would like to stress that I am not old.  I am mature.  Like a fine wine I get better with age.  I will admit to slowing down a bit, after all I will be 12 in August but who doesn't.
Now, for the most part I get along with the younguns and even allow them to share my bed (as you can see).  But there are times.... When they will get rambunctious - racing, and wrasslin', gnashing teeth and growling - til I get tired of it.  Then I do one of two things, depending on what it's like outside.  If its fairly nice I ask to go out and will lay in the sun and just get away for a bit.    If its nasty out (or I just feel like laying about) I will raise my voice and growl.  This usually brings the two little hellions to a quick stop.  I do it so infrequently, that it definitely gets their attention.  Besides, its one of the perks of being the BIG DOG.
For the most part, I enjoy the youngsters and they are mindful of giving me my space.  So I would consider them good girls, and it will even get better as Ginger matures and (hopefully) slows down a bit.
I will return this blog to Sophie for the next entry.  Maybe I'll hijack it again in the future.  It was kind of fun.

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