Another Dish from Moi - THE Diva

Yesterday was quite nice.  The weather was pleasant and my humans had a few visitors that came and left me a few bellyrubs, but mostly to eye-ball our latest addition - little CoCo.
CoCo is 13 weeks old today - so if she was human she'd be somewhere in the "Terrible Twos"!  I must say that she is keeping Mummi and Papi on their toes (which has given me some chuckles) with her "presents" and chewing EVERYTHING (even me!). (DON'T! - That's not funny!)  She is small and very cute (very much like I was - ahem - and AM!)  She weights 3 pounds at the moment.  But I digress - Papi's former boss (now retired) came by with his missus for a short visit and Miss Christi (who stays with Big Sis and I - and I guess now Little Sis when Mummi & Papi go out of town) came by for her first glimpse of CoCo.  She loves CoCo and, of course, Moi!  Sometimes I have to remind her though, by rolling on my back, that its time for a bellyrub.  Unfortunately, this also has the effect of putting me down where "mini-fang" can bite my ears and nose.  Hopefully she will grow out of this and be potty-trained by the time she hits the 6 month mark (January 20th).  The pic is of CoCo and I in Papi's recliner.  Enjoy!
Hugs, Kisses, and Bellyrubs for all!

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