I'm So EXCITED..................

I just can't hide it!  (Ugh! Ugh! Shimmy, shimmy, wag,wag!) Whew!  The Pointer Sisters perform it almost as well as moi!  But this has been a big week for me.
Yesterday was my birthday.  Mommi and Papi say I'm two, but hey, we all know about doggie years.  (Multiply by 7).  I'm a Teenager!  I know it ALL!  Just ask me!   I'm really looking forward to this time next year.  I'll  be 21 and fully expect a steak along with a nice Merlot or maybe a port to sip along with it.
Now, even though we all know I enjoy talking about me - that's not the big news of the week. As of the day before my birthday, I have a little sister.  She's so cute!  She could be me - but with longer hair.  And a shorter body.  Okay - she couldn't be me - but she is cute, and she's now my sister.  I've been going out with her and trying to show her the ropes.  Best spots to use and such.  She's learning - but is still young.
For the longest time, Mommi and Papi were calling her "Baby girl" or "Dit" for Diva-In-Training, but they finally decided that her name is "CoCo".  The reasoning is that she is mostly a light brown color (with dashes of black, tan and a little white). 
I overheard that her mama is a Spaniel mix and her daddy is a yorkie and they expect her to be 10 to 15 pounds when all grown.  So - I am - and always will be - the big sister.  I'll put some pictures up here of us once I can get Papi busy on it.
Hugs, Kisses and belly rubs for all!

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