Well! The Weekend was Different!

Hello my lovelies.  Welcome back for another dish from THE Diva!
Papi is back at work this morning but the last 4 days he spent a lot of time around the old homestead.  He took off work Thursday and Friday afternoons to get a jump on his weekend yard work.  He ended the weekend moving very slowly but he seemed happy.  He told Mumi he got a lot accomplished and he did leave a huge lot of stuff in his "burn pile" to dry out.  Saturday was definitely different.  Papi was up and working outside really early, but in the middle of the morning he stopped. Put his tools up and asked me if I wanted to take a ride.  "Ooooh!" I thought. "Is it tot day already?"  But then he put Big Sis's halter/leash on her and said "You too, big girl."  He put her in the back of his Mini (with the seats folded down) and I rode in the empty front passenger seat.
 "What a rush!"  This was the first time Big Sis had gotten to ride in the Coop and she was excited.  She couldn't hop around though cause she'd bump her head.  I was excited, cause I was thinking there would be lots and lots of tots with Shaddow along.  Papi had put the windows down so we could enjoy the mild day and we put our muzzles together to share some girl talk.  Can't tell the help everything- ya know. 
But when we got to town we went past the tot spot and to the county co-op.Turned out that one of the student organizations where Papi works (at the Miss. State U. College of Vet Med) was having a "Dog Wash" to raise funds for the Homeward Bound project.  This worthy cause helps homeless animals find loving parents. (LIKE ME!)  So Shaddow and I were treated to a spa day while Papi made a couple of purchases at the co-op.  Then, once we were done, Big sis  and I feeling clean, refreshed and smelling good made the trip back home.  Papi put us in the house - so that our coats got completely dry before we went out to play and he went back to work.
I do want to point out that on Sunday morning (yesterday) I allowed him to take me on our weekly trip to the tot spot . Yummy!  We do this every Sunday morning  and in return I allow him to pick up his newspaper and maybe a quick shopping jaunt while I guard the Coop. 
I would like to point out in the picture that big sis is in the bottom right corner and in the middle of the bottom edge you can just see the top of my head and my tail.  Well, that's about all for now - but I would like to encourage everyone to support the Homeward Bound Project.  Not everyone is as lucky as me.
Hugs, kisses and belly rubs for all!

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