I'm Tough - Are you?

Hello my PeePs!  Sorry for the space of time since my last entry, but my human has been assuming a vegetative state in front of the picture box watching groups of people slamming into each other while chasing a ball. I can understand chasing a ball - but not the rest.  I've had to really put my paw down to get this  entry done, today!   Enjoy the funny picture - no one I know but it speaks the truth.
The outside temperatures are starting to come down a bit and it's nice and cool in the evenings.  Big Sis (shout-out to Shaddow!) likes to spend more time when its like this lying out on the front deck and enjoying the light evening breezes. With the cooler temps, I've noticed that when I go out in the evenings to take car of my ablutions in the ladies comfort station - there are these large tan creatures milling about the back yard.  When I say large, in most cases they look bigger than my attendant.  Now, they may be big.  But they are abject cowards!  I stiffen my ears (as much as I can), put on my fiercest face, and charge - barking as loud as I can!  And they run - EVERY single time!  Even the bigger ones with horns on their heads.  Watch out! This Diva is Tuff!!!!  Now, when this horny one (huh - why is he smirking now?) is around, my human get a little excited.  Says things like "Hope he's around when the season starts."  I don't know if I'll ever completely understand him.  I'm not sure if its a human thing or a guy thing or both. 
Now I would like to throw out a little personal observation.  When its time for our (Shaddow and I) evening refreshment - He always asks "Who wants a treat?", when it would be more appropriate to ask "Are you ladies ready to be served?"  I mean, really, who doesn't want a treat?  The bad thing is that sometimes he even forgets until sis goes over and puts her head on his chair or on his leg.  Even then it sometimes takes a few minutes.  I mean I love him (and the mistress) but sometimes his cheese has slipped off the cracker.  If you get my drift.  Anyway - thats all for now.
Hugs, kisses and belly rubs for all!

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  1. you so tuuuuuuffff! such a good diva, such a good girl, doing such a good job guarding the homestead! sweet sophie, i loves ya, i do!


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