Lonely Week

We Miss Mummi!
Hi to All My Dah-Lings! 
Been a little quiet around the homestead this week.  Mummi has been out with "her mummi" all week.  Poppi has been left here to fend for himself and tend to us girls (Me, Lil Sis - Chiquita, and Big Sis - Shaddow).  Now Poppi has no problems caring for our home and inhabitants.  He can cook, clean, and "do laundry" with the best of them.  (Ya know - I still haven't figured out whey Mummi chuckles whenever she says that.  Any-who.........)  But I can tell he misses having Mummi around.  We love him, but us girls are not great conversationalists. (Hard to believe I know - but true.

Now that deeeee-lite-ful young lady, Kim, has been caring for grand-mummy's "creature" and been leaving her little girl, Zeebee, with us to socialize while she has to go to work.  That's fine, she's a nice girl, but I hope Poppi's gonna account for our treats that he shares with her.  Uhhhh -Bad Dog.  I am a bad dog! I know Poppi is going to treat us good. Now he........ what.....Chiqui....okay, okay.... fine.  I will now, briefly, turn this over to lil sis.

heee, hee, hee.  Hey! Hey, Hey! I gots new clothes!  Poppi got me dis sweater a couple of days ago and it is soooooo warm and shows off this girl's firm & trim body so fine.  AND, its got pink accents - just the thing!  Wheeeeee! I love it.  (Here's a link to a model wearing one -  Ummmm - Okay. FINE!  Back to "THE DIVA".  (I did not stick my tongue out.  I had a piece of food caught in a tooth.) DID TOO!

Hi Again All.  Sorry, sometimes Lil Sis gets carried away with excitement.  But she is a teenager.  That's it for now.
Hugs, Kisses, and Belly Rubs for all!

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  1. awww, ya so sweet ta me! thanks for bringing a smile to my face!


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