Chiquita's In Charge!

This pic for Poppi. He likes the G.D.'s Music.
Hey! Hey! HeyHeyHey! (giggle)  It's me.
Chiquita!   Boom. Boom. Chicka-chicka-boom-boom! (giggle).
As you know, I'm Sophie's little sis, and have been for almost 4 months now. I LOVE it here with big sis, Sophie, and bigger sis, Shaddow.    Shaddow is a nice old lady, but she prefers nap time to play time.  And I like to playyyyy-whheeeeeee. wheeee. wheeee! (giggle, snort.) I love it on TV when that little oinker says that  Anyway!  Sophie is not near as old as Shaddow and she will play with me some, inside.  When we go out I like to run, run-run-run, and she will do it for a bit.  But  after a couple of minutes, she's gasping for breath and complaining that her legs are too short for running.  Which I usually throw back at her by saying, "No they aren't. They reach the ground." (tee-hee!)
I know I probably rag on her a bit too much, because she really is a sweetheart.  She treats me as well, or better than my real mum would.  I love her.  I'm so glad Mummi and Poppi adopted me.  I don't remember much of my early life, but I do remember that when I first got here I was dirty, didn't smell good, and covered in fleas.  In fact, my first memory here is Poppi putting me in the tub and giving me TWO baths.  Not one, Two.  (brrrrr!)  But it got rid of the critters on me and I felt, and still feel, much better.  I really do have a good life now.  Food twice a day, a snack in the evening, plenty of water, and love all around. 
Big sis Sophie will be back next time, but I just wanted to guest-blog (and may ask to do it again in the future. But before I go, let me share a little joke:  Q: What do that call it when you own too many dogs?
A: A roverdose.  (giggle. Get it? roverdose - I crack myself up) 
To quote a famous feline: "T.T.F.N. - Ta Ta for Now"

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