Chicken (Chiquita) Little!

Hallloooo All! 
The weather has turned quite nice in the last few days.  Cool but not cold.  Perfect for the full-figured Diva!  Not much in the way of news to pass.  Poppi and Mummi have been busy going about the business that is life.  Mummi has been a bit under the weather but now seems to be on the road to recovery. But there is one funny little incident that I would like to share......
With the cooler weather the leaves are starting to fall, along with the acorns from the oak in our front yard.  One evening Poppi had taken little sis and I out to do our business.  (Let me interrupt this story to say the Chiquita is doing much, much better with this now.  Accidents are coming much further apart.)  AnnnnyyyWaayyy....  I had finished and was nosing around the area when l'il sis assumed the position to do her business.  She was squeezing mightily and the little brown banana was about two-thirds of the way to the ground when an acorn fell and hit her on her back.  All at the same time, she yelped, jumped and pffftttt - the 'nanner disappeared.  And not on the ground.  Eeewwwww! (I nearly cried when I rolled over laughing.)  When she calmed down and realized what had happened, she composed herself, re-assumed the position (away from the tree) and did a re-dump.  That's RIGHT! She pooped the same log twice.   I know. I know.  But trust me, as disgusting as it sounds, it was funny.
Hugs, Kisses, and Belly Rubs for all!

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