I LUVVVV little People!!!

Hello All!  This past Friday one of Poppi's litter kids was in town with his family for a couple of days as his wife was graduating with her PHD and their little one was with them.  Well, Poppi promised the little one (that he calls J-Man) to make him pancakes for breakfast when he went to bed Friday night.
So Saturday morning, J-Man was running around - and agitating poor little Chiquita - when Poppi told him to settle down, that he was cooking pancakes.  So Poppi made blueberry pancakes with maple syrup for the J-man, along with chocolate milk to wash it down. YUMMMM! Or as Poppi said, "Breakfast of Champions".    I have to admit that Poppi is a pretty good cook.  Cause I had my share.  J-Man is not a careful eater, but with Chiquita and the 2 visiting doggies circling the chair, it was a matter of calculating the flight angles of each dropped morsel. Now I'm not one to brag (well, Much!) but I'm pretty good at canine mathematics, and I probably got 2 pieces to everyone else's one.  Plus a little choco-milk spillage.  I have to agree with Poppi - "Breakfast of Champions!"  I'll have to be on my toes this week though - as I know from Mummi's and Poppi's conversations that Poppi's entire litter family will be in this week as they celebrate Christmas.  (A bit early I know, but it's about the only time that they could all get together.)  Lots of spills and goodies to look forward to.
Hugs, kisses and belly rubs for all!

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