It's been a while....

Hello all!  Poppi has been promising me for weeks to bring my blog up-to-date.  I FINALLY had to put my paw down and tell him there would be NO MORE BELLY RUBBIN' until this post was published.  (This Diva knows how to get things done honey!)
The holiday season went well and all Poppi's litter got back to their own homes safely.  The family is nice, but a crowded house does throw off our routine and tends to skew all the training I've done.  Nice to get back to just our little group (Mommi, Poppi, Big Sis, Little Sis and I).  Some may scoff, but there is a lot of good things about having a routine. Shaddow (Big Sis) is 12 1/2  (which is 88 in dog years) this month.  I do worry about her some.  She's still getting around pretty well, but when she lies on her bed, it seems to take her a bit longer to get comfortable and she's moaning and groaning a bit more.  I'll usually lie with her some until she starts getting sleepy.
I swear though, Chiquita (L'il Sis), is part kangaroo.  I've seen her make complete circuits of the living room and never touch the floor.  She leaps from chair to chair to ottoman to Shaddow's bed.  And these aren't short jumps.  She's so bouncy that I've heard Poppi remark that maybe they should have named her "Tigger".
Most of the cold weather is leaving the area, but there are few more sub-freezing nights ahead in the next two weeks.  After that though, we shouldn't see ice until next winter.  (Which is big for someone such as Moi - built with sleek, low lines.
That's about it for now, but Poppi swears that I will have my musings posted on a more regular basis.
Hugs, Kisses, and Belly Rubs for all!!

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