Everybody Wants to Rule the World!

Hi my precious ones!  This entry will take a little longer to type because for part of it I am requiring Poppi to be blindfolded and I will nose his finger to the correct key to press.  Poppi has said he will never censor me, but I want to be sure, and it will magnify the impact it has when he actually reads it for the first time.
(Poppi is now blindfolded and will remain so until this is posted.)
If you are intelligent, like moi, you got a little chuckle out of this picture.  I sincerely hope though, that all our two-legged friends just laugh it off. (As I'm sure Poppi and Mummi will.)  With a show of paws, lets see how many of you know who actually rules the civilized world.  Think about it.  Most of our days consist of sleeping, eating, running, and playing.  We even train our humans to throw sticks and balls for our benefit.  Not to mention the "treats".  Poppi has been trained to give us "girls" a treat every night at 9 o'clock.  We act all excited at the word, treat, but its all a show.  We EXPECT it.  And Mummi think she's SOOOO clever asking Poppi around that time, "Have you given them their special?"  Like we don't know that "special" is code for "treat". But we play dumb and let it slide off our backs.  Although I really had to emphasize the non-reaction will little sis Chiquita. (Belated Happy Birthday, Sweetums!)  Chiquita turned one year old on March 21st.  Such a cutie, and with time I will have her "Diva-fied", like moi.  Anyway, all you quadraped friend of mine, Keep up the charade.  Its a good life.  DON'T mess with it!        (Tears for Fears Song Link)
Hugs, kisses, and Belly Rubs for All!

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  1. yeah, those mummi's always thing they're sooOOOoooo clever, don't they?
    but this? this entry is truly clever!
    grins, debra


Belly~Rubs! My favorite! Oh, oh! TreeeeeatZ!! My Favorite!! Sweet Words!! My Favorite! Nappage!! My Favorite!!