Gotta Watch the Quiet Gurrrrls! ! !

Libby and Moi ! ! !
Hallloooo all my lovelies!  A couple of days ago when Mummi was coming in to the living room she noticed Poppi  chuckling and asked what was so humorous. 
Poppi said that he couldn't believe it  - that Libby- calm, quiet, subdued, Libby - had been out in the yard barking up a storm.  (L'il Sis and I had already come int.)  Mummi also expressed disbelief at this, so  Poppi went on to say: "I had let Sophie and Chiquita in and Libby was out in the yard by the teardrop trailer.  It was still a little dark and I heard this loud, constant, & high pitched fierce barking.  I went out in the yard because I wanted to identify what type of dog was threatening Libby so.  Then I realized it was Libby barking."
Now Libby is a pretty quiet lady and rarely barks around our humans.  She will bark and run when its just us girls going out.  Now, when she came in  I asked her about the incident and she told me that there had been a hoppy-beast (which I figure was a toad or frog) moving sluggishly (cause the weather is cooling a bit).  She was going to eat it but the h-b said it would give her a little mind candy if she would spare him.  Since she wasn't really hungry, she said sure.  The h-b gave her some plant matter - which he didn't identify.  She watched him eat a little bit and suddenly hop away, rejuvenated.  So she ate the rest and before she knew it was bouncing and barking like crazy.  She still had the wild eyes and was floating when she told me this. 
I just nodded and said, "Uh Huh, I knew you was a hippie freak in a previous life."
She just giggled, shook her head, and softly said, "You complaining or jealous?", and walked away with a shake of her tail.
Like I said, "Gotta watch the quiet girls."
Til next time- Hugs, kisses, and belly rubs for all!

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