It wasn't a train whistle!

Hello my bu-bees!
Here in the magnolia state, it is hot.  And we are just beginning the summer.  The warmest days are still a couple of months away.  This dark-coiffed diva is not looking forward to it!
Okay!  I have to share this little slice of real life with you.  It was early (3-ish) one morning and I was sleeping behind Poppi's knees.  I felt Mummi getting out of bed, but I was still pretty much asleep.  All of a sudden there was this high pitched screech or whistle.  It went on for a good twenty or thirty seconds. Stopped. And then was punctuated with a short brrrpp!  My sensitive schnozz was abruptly assaulted.  It smelled as if the sewers of Satan had been dumped on my head.  My eyes began to tear and I was gasping for fresh air.  I struggled mightily, finally clawed clear of the covers, and tossed my head from side-to-side.  I took a couple of deep, fresh breaths and noticed a couple of things.   Mummi was standing beside the bed, grinning like a Cheshire cat at my struggles, and Poppi was still asleep.  I was wondering how this was possible when I realized that Poppi was responsible! For the noise and the smell! And in his sleep!  Life is so unfair sometimes.  If I did that they would make me go outside so that I could finish my business.  Poppi didn't even wake up.  Sigggghhhh! Such is a Diva's fate!
Hugs, kisses, and belly rubs for all!

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