Just Another Day in Paradise

Hello my Sweeties!  Glad you could make it back for another dish from the diva.
I'm very happy to say that there hasn't been too much drama going on.  The weather is getting warmer and there's the usual mumblings from Poppi that he needs to get out and mow. Big Sis and I are trying to stay inside (with that Mah-va-Lousssss AC) since we both have dark coats and tend to heat up in the sun.  Big Sis stays out more than I do, be even she doesn't lay out in the sun.  Recently she prefers the shade on the front deck. 
It strikes me as kind of funny that Mummi, Big Sis and I can be panting, tongues out and very warm and Poppi will have on socks, sweats and a knit cap on because he's cold.  So I asked Big Sis about it, and she said it was something in his jeans. 
I snapped back, "I thought the only thing in his jeans was Mummi".  UH-HUH. OH Yeah!  I went there!   After all, I will be 21 (in Canine years) on my next birthday.
Big Sis just rolled her eyes and spelled "G*E*N*E*S*". (Yes, dogs can spell.  Especially V*E*T*).  It just means that his mother and grandparents were "warm natured", or to say it another way, did not take the cold well.
Mummi & Poppi are good natured about it.  Poppi always tells Mummi its easy for him just to throw something on and stay comfortable.  He just wants her (& me & Sis) to be comfortable too.
Poppi's youngest son and his wife (the one that's expecting a litter - emmm - baby, sorry I tend to think in canine terms) are coming for a visit next week.  Poppi and Mummi are both looking forward to that.  That's about all I have for now.
Hugs, Kisses and Belly Rubs for ALL!

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